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256 Colors
IBM Chars
MUSHii 2

MUSHii Screenshot

MUSHii 2 is mouse-driven FANSI Art tool, and its features include:

  • Support for FANSI 2.0, including 256 colors and 151 IBM/OEM extended characters.
  • Drawing tools including pen, area fill, rectangle, ellipse, text tool, selection tool, replace color, color matcher, half-block and piping tools.
  • Undo.
  • Close up and far away zoom.
  • Copy, paste, cut and delete.
  • The ability to open MUSHii 1.x files.

Download MUSHii 2.37

2.34-2.37 Changes

  • Added a brightness level to the RGB mixer.
  • Half-block line tools now overlap on existing half-block characters better.
  • Added Single and Double Line Rectangle tools.
  • Wizards can be used on existing pictures of the correct size.
  • Apply or remove underline to a selection via the Edit menu.

2.33 Changes

  • New tools: Vertical and Horizontal Half-Block Line Drawing.
  • Right-click no longer deselects a selection, but escape does.
  • Fixed a (hopefully rare) crashing bug in the Selection Tool.
  • Toolbar split into two, with standard tools on left, half-block piping tools on right.

2.28-2.32 Changes

  • Added a Red/Green/Blue color mixer.
  • Added four new tools: Vertical and Horizontal Half-Block, and Single and Double Piping.
  • Added several Wizards.
  • Improved memory usage.
  • Color swap, which could be accomplished by clicking on the preview character, now has a menu item and keyboard shortcut.

2.25-2.27 Changes

  • The Text Tool now supports 48 TheDraw fonts.
  • New export option: code can be exported directly to an frame buffer.
  • A bug in copy/paste was fixed.

2.24 Changes

  • The Edit menu now allows you to brighten/darken a picture or selection area.

2.22-2.23 Changes

  • New Replace Color tool.
  • Duplicate symbols are no longer displayed in the 20 latest used symbols list.
  • Fixed a bug in the Selection tool that sometimes preventing selecting from 0,0.
  • The selection/rectangle size shown in the status bar was not showing the correct number.
  • Fixed an installation issue.

2.21 Changes

  • The 20 most recently used symbol characters are now shown near the bottom status bar, and can be clicked on to easily recall them.
  • Saved files now show up in the Recent Files menu.
  • The fore and background colors are now shown separately below the character preview. These can be clicked on to copy the fore to the back, and visa versa. Clicking on the preview character still swaps the colors.

2.20 Changes

  • ASCII Art can now be imported.

2.19 Changes

  • An installation bug was preventing MUSHii from running on some computers. This has been resolved.

2.18 Changes

  • Clicking on the preview character area will swap the foreground and background colors.
  • The underscore character now shows up correctly in the canvas and character preview areas.
  • A bug in some installations was causing the application to crash when saving, or when the recent documents folder was opened. This should be resolved. Uninstall MUSHii and reinstall if it is currently an issue for you.
2.17 Changes
  • Underline now shows up correctly in the canvas and character preview areas.

2.16 Changes

  • The font in the bottom panel now matches the font used on the drawing area.
  • The box drawing characters and the half block (top, left, right and bottom) characters now line up better when placed side by side in the drawing area.
  • Rectangle tools now show start tile, end tile, and selection size in status bar.
  • Line tool now shows start tile and end tile in the status bar.
  • Fixed the installer bug that required you to uninstall MUSHii before installing a new version. Modified the message in the new version window accordingly.
  • The check for update code no longer freezes the main application when it loads up. This should speed up MUSHii load time.

2.15 Changes

  • Added a "New Image From Selection" feature.
  • Fixed a bug in the Selection Tool.
  • Selection Tool now shows the starting and ending points, as well as the selection size, in a bottom status bar.
  • Added a "Prefer Colors 16-255 Over 0-15" option in Export. This allows you to ensure your picture's colors aren't changed by a MUD Client with a custom ANSI colors.
  • Shrunk the initial size of MUSHii when opening.

2.14 Changes

  • Improved the "View As 16 Colors" option.
  • Export code is now more compact so larger pictures can be displayed with less MUSHCode.
  • There is a known bug with installation an update where sometimes it won't correctly update the version. Updated the update window informing the user of this until it is fully resolved.
  • Added prefix/postfix text boxes to the small code export option, as requested by multiple people.
  • ".MII" files are now associated with MUSHii on install, so doubleclicking on them opens MUSHii.

2.13 Changes

  • New Text tool.
  • Fixed a bug in the new version notification system.

2.08-2.12 Changes

  • Underlined characters now export correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in the initial color of the tiles that resulted in some undesired behavior when using the fill area tool.
  • Corrected a bug in the show as 16 colors mode.

2.06-2.07 Changes

  • Added a toolbar with toggle icons for easier use of the drawing modes.
  •  Added a solid rectangle and solid ellipse drawing mode.
  • Fixed some bugs with copy/paste/selection.
  • New version dialog had a typo.

2.05 Changes

  • Rectangle mode.
  • Selection mode (select a region, move, copy, cut, delete).
  • Convert to grayscale will convert a region instead of the entire picture if a region is selected with the selection tool.
  • Return key now defaults to 'OK' in new/resize dialogs.
  • Fill mode now based upon both fore, background, and character.
  • Fixed a bug where some weird key combinations could result in unprintable letters being chosen as the current character.
  • 10 most recently opened files shown in File menu.

2.0-2.04 Changes

  • Options for viewing a picture in 16 color mode.
  • Convert to gray scale utility.
  • Fixed some font issues on the palette and drawing area.